Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Expert Electrical Repair Services

The electric system in your car or truck is similar to the nervous system inside your body…detectors generate impulses which are dispersed and then processed. Immediately, these processed impulses are sent to another place to display data, actuate another detector or mechanical apparatus, or to supply power for device functionality.

In the early days of the car or truck, their only electrical system was designed to enable the motor to function.

Soon afterward, lighting was added, and then more expensive vehicles obtained electric starting systems. Today, electric systems are incredibly intricate and port with each other system in the motor vehicle. There are lots of computers, several distinct kinds of screens, exterior and interior lighting, transmission and engine direction…even steering is controlled in many new cars. Thus, it’s vital your electric system be in excellent working condition in any way times.

Comprehensive Electric Components

We would like you to understand that we can do everything possible to fix your system and get you back on the road and ready to go. Our objective is complete satisfaction…that’s correct, we’re wired like that!

We want to hear from you in case you have any questions, or just want to tell us about any part of the service experience.


Call us at (570) 421-0222 should you want a consultation, or to let us know how we did. It is our duty and responsibility to supply you with the best service and automobile care possible!

In Walt’s Auto, your comprehensive automotive maintenance center in Stroudsburg, PA, we only use high quality replacement parts. Give us a call and let’s keep you securely and efficiently on the street.

Additional Electrical Services Offered

  • Starting & Charging
  • Body Electrical & TPMS
  • Horn, Airbag, and Restraints
  • Motors, Switches, Relays
  • Oscilloscope Testing & Diagnostics
  • KO Battery Drain
  • Trailer & Boat Wiring & Rewiring
  • Motorcycle Wiring & Rewiring
  • Classic/Custom Car Electrical Repairs
  • Battery Testing