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Brakes & Wheels

Brakes & Wheel Repair Service

Experienced Brake Technician

We own our vehicles so we can jump in and go someplace…but after we get close, it is very important to STOP there! Your brakes are situated on every wheel, and they utilize friction to impede down the rotational energy of the wheel so that you may slow down and stop where needed. They’re complicated systems with hydraulic fluid, mechanical components, computer controls, friction material, and electric detectors. Some programs on Hybrid vehicles also use generators on each wheel to put electricity back in the battery pack if slowing the car to a halt.

Brake pads and rotors require a huge quantity of abuse, since they are the primary element that transforms the rotational energy to heat. This usually means that these pieces are made to wear out with time, therefore it is crucial that you inspect your brakes frequently…usually at each tire spinning or anytime that the wheels of the vehicle are eliminated.

Thorough Brake System Inspection

All modern cars nowadays are required to have “anti-lock” brakes installed, therefore there’s a computer in every vehicle with detectors to regulate stopping power at every wheel. A comprehensive review will also include taking a look at the detectors and diagnostics of the entire system to be sure that the brakes are functioning correctly.

Should you feel a brake problem…STOP! A faulty braking system can be particularly dangerous, not just for you personally, but to other people on the street too. Contact us and discuss your problem with a few of our knowledgeable brake technicians, and if review and repair are required, have the car towed or flat-bedded in.


Walt’s would love to hear from you in the event that you have any queries, or aren’t happy with any part of the service experience. Please call us if you’re looking for a professional consultation, or to inform us of the quality of your brake job.

At Walt’s Auto, it is our duty and responsibility to supply you with the best service and automobile care possible! Give us a call and let’s keep you securely and economically on the street.

Additional Brake & Wheel Services Offered

  • Disk & Drum Brakes
  • Mechanical Brake Issues
  • Hydraulic Braking Systems
  • ABS - Anti-Lock Brake Systems
  • Traction Control
  • Line Replacements & Repairs
  • Driveline & Axles
  • CV Joint & Boot Replacement
  • Differential Repairs & Rebuilds
  • Wheel Hub & Bearing Replacements
  • Suspension Work
  • Power & Manual Steering Repairs